Monday, October 12, 2009

Effective Lead Nurturing Using a CRM

Lead nurturing process in business-to-business world is as important as generating new leads. The marketing follow ups that converts requests in to leads and leads to sales is known as lead nurturing. This process makes a very strong relationship with the prospective clients. Automated lead nurturing CRMs are available to do all these follow ups for you.

Actually lead nurturing becomes vital whenever there is a delayed sales. So for automating this very important part of a sales cycle, businesses should opt for an advanced lead nurturing CRM. Your lead nurturing CRM should help you out in making timely conversations with your prospects.

By using an advanced lead nurturing CRM, you can:
  • Improve lead to deal conversion
  • Comparatively faster decision making and lead closure
  • You may have many prospects calling you for your products/services

  • Build a strong relationship with your prospects

The main aim of lead nurturing process should be educating your prospects on a regular basis. Your lead nurturing CRM not only 'get in touch' with the prospects but also should be able to capture their contact details and data points like interest to buy, buying stage etc. Analysis phase of your lead nurturing automation process is also very important as to make out which prospect is engaged with your automated follow ups and who all would become a part of your client base in the future. CueSent can help you go from a mere interest by a prospect to lead closure in your marketing automation process.


  1. Thanks for the interesting post. Just to clarify, most technology providers use lead nurturing technology as a component in marketing automation systems. Marketing automation systems are usually 3rd party components that integrate with a CRM. For example, with something like Here are a few tips as you implement your lead nurturing strategy:

    1. Create content that tells a story, from start to finish.

    2. Don’t focus nurturing content on your product; rather, focus content on what your product does for your prospect.Communicate your message using 3rd party content, case studies, white papers, eBooks, Podcasts, webinars and tradeshows invitations.

    3. Select a time line and frequency for your nurturing program. Most programs last 12 months on average but vary based on sales cycles. Identify how long your typical sales cycle is and use that as the duration of your nurturing program. Most programs nurture their leads one time per month on average.

    4. Keep lead nurturing simple. Experts suggest 80% of the benefit of lead nurturing is achieved by the first 20% of effort. Refrain from creating too many lead nurturing programs / tracks. To start, create only one program per industry relevant to your business. For example, if most of your customers are in the finance and telecom industry create two programs; one with content relevant to finance and the other with content relevant to telecom.

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